Types of reports available

Bambora reports are available in the Portal to assist with reconciling your account. The type of account you have with Bambora will determine what reports are available to you. 

A merchant account that is fully managed by Bambora will have more information available than an account that only uses Bambora as the gateway. 

Must know:

  • Bambora only provides settlement information for accounts we manage.
  • Chargeback information is only provided to accounts managed by Bambora.

Types of reports available

  1. Summary Report - Summary of transaction types and total sales
  2. Transaction Report - Report of actual credit card transactions processed
  3. Chargeback Report - List of disputed credit card transactions
  4. EBP Batch Report - EFT/ACH batch summary
  5. Transaction Search - Search function for a specific credit card transactions
  6. Daily Activity Details - Summary of daily credit card sales and fees
  7. Settlement Summary - Settlement amounts and dates
  8. Monthly Invoice - Invoice showing monthly fees

Good to know:

  • Monthly invoices are sent out by email by the 5th of the month.
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