What was processed today?

You’ll find a list of what you processed today by logging into the Portal. You can see all transactions and transaction types processed within a date or specific date range. You may find multiple uses for the transaction report, such as checking if certain transactions went through, or wanting to see what a specific merchant processed on a different date.

Must know:

  • You must have Full Access to Reporting to view the Transaction Report.
  • There are a few sorting guidelines you can define your results with. For example, you can choose how many transactions to show per page, as well as the Card Type and Transaction Source.

What was processed today?

  1. Within the Portal go to reporting/analysis > transaction report.
  2. At the top left-hand side of your screen, input the current date as the start and end date for your search.
  3. Click 'Refresh' to see what was processed today.
  4. At the bottom of the Transaction Report page, you’ll see buttons to ‘Print’, ‘Download’, or ‘Save Report’.

Good to know:

  • Look at the bottom of the page next to Address Verification Transactions. You’ll find a legend stating what each Transaction letter means.
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