How do I test Recurring Billing?

A Recurring Billing Profile allows you to pre-schedule a series of transactions for recurring payments.

When you test the Recurring Billing Profile from your test account, you will be able to see the process from start to finish without sending real information to the banking network. 

Must know:

  • If your account is in a testing state, any Recurring Billing Profiles created will be removed once your account goes live.

How do I test Recurring Billing?

  1. Within the Portal, go to Processing > Recurring Billing.
  2. Click on the ‘Add Account’ button to create a new recurring billing profile.
  3. Use our Test Credit Cards when entering credit card information.
  4. Click 'Add Account' to create the recurring billing profile.

The recurring billing profile will process early in the morning of the start date and any other processing dates you have selected.

You can see a history of test transactions on a profile by navigating to Processing > Recurring Billing and clicking on the profile. You will then find a ‘History’ button to pull up the history of transactions that have been attempted on the profile.

Good to know:

  • If you would like to test how to decline transactions within a Recurring Billing Profile, then make sure to enter a test credit card that gives a declined response. 
  • You can control the frequency of retry attempts for declined Recurring Billing Profiles by navigating to Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings and update Recurring Billing Decline Retries.
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