How do I put a Recurring Billing Profile on hold or closed?

Recurring Billing Profiles have three different billing states that they can be: Active, On hold, and Closed. Once created, a Recurring Billing Profile is automatically put into the Active state. 

Within the Portal, you have the ability to change this setting if the consumer wants to put their payments on hold or cancel their recurring payment with you.

Must know:

  • Your user login must have Full Access to Recurring Billing in order to make changes to a Recurring Billing Profile.
  • A Recurring Billing Profile will switch from 'Active' to 'On-Hold 'if a transaction is declined and all retry attempts fail.

How do I put a Recurring Billing Profile on hold or closed?

  1. Within the Portal go to Processing > Recurring Billing.
  2. Select the Recurring Billing Profile you’d like to put on-hold or close.
  3. Select ‘On hold’ or ‘Closed’ from the drop-down next to “Billing State”. 
  4. Click ‘Update’. 

Good to know:

  • Select 'process back payments' to process any missed payments from when the Recurring Billing Profile was put on hold or closed. When the Recurring Billing profile is updated to ‘Active’ all missed payments from the date you put the profile ‘On hold’ or ‘Closed’ will process.
  • If you do not want to process back payments, leave the ‘process back payments’ box unchecked before changing the profile back to ‘Active’.
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