How do I limit the risk of fraud on my transactions?

When processing payments online, there is always a risk of fraudulent transactions being attempted on your account. You are encouraged to utilize any anti-fraud tools available to mitigate your risk of having fraud occur on your account.

Must know:

  • The more information you require to process a payment, the more difficult it is for a fraudster to enter all of the required information correctly.

The following are tools available within your account to help reduce your risk of fraudulent transactions:

Additionally, some tools can be enabled by our Customer Care team at your request:

Finally, we suggest enabling a CAPTCHA before consumers can access your payment form. 

The above fraud tools allow you to control the level of risk associated with each transaction processed through your account. By enabling these tools, you make it much more difficult for a fraudster to successfully process a transaction on your account. 

Good to know: 

  • When an account is created, only the consumer’s name and credit card information is required to process a payment. Many tools are readily available within the Portal to increase the required information and make your account more secure.
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