What is my responsibility with carding?

As a business owner, you are responsible for managing your account and website tools appropriately to protect yourself from possible fraudulent transactions. You can do so by enabling Risk Tools such as Transaction Reversal Options or making it as difficult as possible for a fraudster to use an automated script against your payment form.

If your account has been hit by carding you are also responsible for preventing any Chargebacks that may result from any approved carding transactions. If you suspect a transaction is fraudulent, you can prevent a chargeback by proactively refunding the transaction in the Portal.

Must know:

  • If you find that your account is being carded, it is your responsibility to make the necessary steps to stop the carding attempt. The quickest and easiest method to stop carding is to disable the payment form that the fraudster is using for carding.
  • Any approved transactions from a carding incident are at high-risk for Chargebacks. To protect yourself from Chargebacks, void or return the fraudulent approved transactions as soon as possible.

Good to know:

  • Contact our Customer Care team if the carding continues or if the amount of approved transactions is too high to return manually.
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