How do I update the Dynamic DBA?

The Dynamic DBA (Doing Business As) allows the merchant to customize the billing description that the consumer sees on their credit card statement. 

If you process transactions from more than one website, the Dynamic DBA allows you to make the statement descriptor unique for each site.

How do I update the Dynamic DBA?

Contact our Customer Care team to add Dynamic DBA to your account. Additional pricing may apply. The new Dynamic DBA may take up to three business days to be enabled on your account.

Good to know:

  • When setting up the Dynamic DBA descriptor, there are two parts to be aware of: the DBA Prefix and the DBA Suffix.
    • The DBA Prefix is the part of the descriptor that does not change, such as your company name. Including the prefix in the descriptor is optional.

    • The DBA Suffix is the dynamic part of the descriptor that changes with each transaction. You can add specific variables to the DBA suffix to help customers identify orders, such as Transaction ID, Order Number, or API Reference Variables.
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