How do I set up a Sandbox account?

Bambora provides Sandbox accounts for testing our platform. Sandbox accounts give you access to our Portal as well as our APIs and developer-related features.

A Sandbox account allows you to test our services in a safe environment so you do not risk making any real payments or taking actions with unwanted consequences. This is especially useful for testing transactions, responses, and reporting.

How do I set up a Sandbox account?

  1. Go to our Developer Portal to create your sandbox account on this sign-up form.
  2. Fill in the necessary information.
  3. Click 'create a test account'.
  4. You should receive your login information via email.

Good to know:

  •  If you want to test products and features that are documented but not available in your Sandbox account by default, you can contact our Customer Care team to add these features.
  • If you are certain that you want to sign up for Bambora, you can apply for an account and do your testing in an Authorized state. Once you switch to Live, all history and saved data, like Payment Profiles, are deleted.
  • Even if you have a live account, you can still have a separate Sandbox account for testing purposes that is fully accessible at any time.
  • Our Merchant Quickstart provides more information on using a Sandbox account.
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