How do I test the Web Terminal?

While your account is in the testing phase, you'll be able to view the transaction process from start to finish without sending real information to the banking network. 

The Web Terminal allows you to process credit card information manually through the Portal. It is best used when processing one-time transactions. We highly recommend using Payment Profiles to save credit card information for multiple purchases.

Must know:

If you try to process real credit cards while your account is in a testing phase the transactions will be declined.

How do I test the Web Terminal?

  1. Within the Portal go to Processing > Web Terminal.
  2. Fill in the credit card details for your test transaction.
    • Name: Enter any name you would like to appear for the test transaction.
    • Card Number: Enter one of our test credit card numbers 
    • Expiration Date: Enter any expiry date that is in the future.
    • CVV2/CVC2: When entering a test credit card number, enter ‘123’ or ‘1234’ for AMEX.
    • Transaction: Select the type of transaction you would like to test.
    • Sale Amount: Enter in an amount for the test transaction.
    • Order Number: Enter any order number you would like to use for the test transaction.
  3. The billing address information is optional, but you may enter information as a test.
  4. Click ‘Submit Transaction’ to process your test transaction.

You may review the results of your test transaction by navigating to Reporting/Analysis > Transaction report page.

Good to know:

  • Our test credit cards won't work on live accounts.
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