Should I use Checkout or Custom Checkout?

You have access to Custom Checkout and Checkout to accept payments securely online. Most businesses use one or the other depending on their business needs; however, your company is never limited to choosing one solution over another. If you want to use both Custom Checkout and Checkout then you are able to do so.

Should I use Checkout or Custom Checkout?


Checkout is a hosted payform, meaning that you can either redirect customers to it or provide a direct link to them. You should not be embedding our checkout page within an iframe on your own webpage.

Custom Checkout

Custom Checkout is a developed solution for capturing credit card data within an embedded iframe. An embedded iframe means you can place Custom Checkout on your own website or software. Since Bambora’s servers are receiving the card data, this keeps you PCI compliant and shifts liability on exposure and security. You should review our Developer Portal’s documentation for more information on implementing Custom Checkout.

Checkout vs. Custom Checkout

  Checkout Custom Checkout


Development not necessary

Development required

Responsive design



PCI Compliance Level



Can I embed this on my own webpage?



Level of customization

Not brandable

Customizable—inject your own CSS to edit everything from logos, fonts, field length, and error messages

Good to know:

  • In addition to Checkout and Custom Checkout, there are other integration options available, such as a custom integration or a third party
  • You can also create multiple checkout links if needed.
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