How can I monitor my user’s login activity?

Within the Portal you can monitor each individual user’s login activity, such as their last time logged in and last time logged out. You can also view the status to see if a user is currently logged in. 

This tool is useful for finding out the last time an employee had access to your account, and if they are currently accessing the account.

Must know: 

  • You need to be the administrator of your account or have Full Access to Security in the User Manager to view this information.

How can I monitor my user’s login activity?

  1. Within the Portal go to Administration > Security. 
  2. Click on a ‘Username’ to view the history of login activity.
  3. Hover over each Status to view more details. 
  4. Click a username to see more information about their account. A new page opens with security details for the user and their account activities.
Status Types
Number Entry Types Status Types


Membership login



Report download

Completed session


Batch file upload

Invalid company


Recurring billing

Invalid user


Inventory upload

Invalid password


HTTPS request

Idle timeout



Session ended by new login



IP conflict



Invalid user session

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