How to process a transaction with the Web Terminal?

You can use the Web Terminal to manually process a card-not-present transaction. The Web Terminal feature is frequently used for over the phone transactions. 

As a business, you enter the card details directly into the Web Terminal to submit a transaction on behalf of the consumer.

Must know:

  • Your account must have the Web Terminal enabled. 
  • Your user must have Full Access to payment processing in order to access the Web Terminal.

How to process a transaction with the Web Terminal

  1. Within the Portal go to Processing > Web Terminal.
  2. Fill in the payment information. 
  3. You have the option to view a receipt by clicking ‘Show transaction receipt after Submit Transaction’. 
  4. To complete the payment click ‘Submit Transaction’.

Nice to know:

  • Everything on the left-hand side of the form is mandatory while everything on the right-hand side of the form is optional except for the email address. 
  • Though not required, the email address is needed to send the consumer an email receipt.
  • When clicking on “Show transaction receipt after Submit Transaction”, you alone will see the receipt.
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