How do I view Web Terminal transaction results?

Once you’ve completed your Web Terminal transaction you will now be able to see the transaction results. This will be helpful in confirming that the transaction you submitted processed correctly.

Must know:

  • Once you refresh the Web Terminal page, the form will reset and the results will no longer be visible. You will need to refer to the transaction report after the Web Terminal page has been reset.

How do I view Web Terminal transaction results?

  1. After clicking ‘Submit Transaction’ you will see transaction details within:
    • Response: shows if the transaction was approved or declined. 
    • Transaction ID: provides you with the Transaction ID. This is generated whether the transaction is approved or declined. The Transaction ID can be used when calling for support or finding the transaction on your Transaction Report.

Screenshot showing Web Terminal transaction results

Good to know:

  • The Transaction Report shows even more detail regarding the transaction you have processed. For example, it will show the full transaction details with a masked card number (if masked card is enabled on your user settings), billing address, and more features to refund and send receipts.
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