How do I request authorization once my batch is uploaded?

If batch authorization is set up on your account, in order for a batch to process you have to request approval from the authorizers on the account. Once it’s authorized, the batch will process.

Must know:

  • You need to have Full Access to Batch Processing.
  • If you’ve enabled batch authorization, you must manually request authorization. It does not happen automatically.

How do I request authorization once my batch is uploaded? 

  1. In the Portal, navigate to Processing > Batch Processing.
  2. Click the edit icon Pencil and paperfor the batch item.
  3. In the pop-up window, click ‘Request Authorization’. This prompts an email to authorizers asking them to log into the Portal and approve the batch.

Good to know:

  • If you’re set up as a file authorizer on the account, you can authorize a batch yourself that you’ve uploaded.
  • To see the status of a batch, you can check the icon under the EFT/ACH column in your list of batches within the Portal: 
    • Hourglass with eye infront= Pending Review - the batch authorization hasn’t been requested yet.
    • Hourglass with green checkmark= Pending Authorization - the batch authorization has been requested but hasn’t been completed.
    • Datebook with red clock= Scheduled - the batch has been authorized and is scheduled to process.
    • Green checkmark= Completed - the batch has processed successfully.
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