How do I process a refund or void?

You can issue refunds to consumers at any time, for any amount up to the full purchase value. For example, you may wish to process a refund in exchange for the return of purchased goods. 

You can also process voids, where you cancel the transaction before it settles through to a consumer’s credit or debit card so that it wouldn’t appear on their monthly bank statement. 

Must know:

  • You can only process a refund against a payment previously captured on your account. In other words, you can’t refund an amount that was processed through another account or provider. 
  • There is typically only a 24-hour window for processing voids, and whether the feature is available depends on your processor. Please contact us if you’re unsure whether it’s an option for you.
  • It’s not possible to refund or void pre-authorizations.

How do I process a refund or void?

  1. Within the Portal go to Reporting/Analysis.
  2.  Find the original purchase through either the:
    • Transaction Report using the filtering options.
    • Transaction Search using specific criteria.
  3. When the search results are populated, select the transaction that you wish to adjust. Select the line item to view the Transaction Details. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Transaction Details page.
  5. Select 'Return Transaction' or 'Void Transaction'.
  6. When prompted, do one of the following: 
    • Return Transaction: Enter the return amount; you can process a full or partial refund. Select 'Process' to confirm the return.
    • Void Transaction: Select 'Yes' to confirm the void.
  7. If the return/void is approved, you’ll get a pop-up that says “Approved”.
  8. You can send an email receipt (unless you already configured your email receipt settings to send a return receipt automatically). To do so, select 'Send Email Receipt' at the bottom of the page. 

Good to know:

  • Refunds can take around seven business days to reflect on your consumer’s credit card statement; the timing depends on the cardholder’s financial institution and isn’t within Bambora’s control.
  • You aren’t refunded the fees you were charged from the original purchase transaction. 
  • There is a flat transaction fee for refunds/voids.
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