What does this batch error mean?

It is important to take a close look at your batch files after uploading, to ensure it has uploaded successfully and there are no errors. If your batch file does show any errors, you will need to re-upload the batch, edit the contents, or contact Customer Care for assistance.

Must know:

  • A Red ‘X’ means something is incorrect, please hover over the icon to view more information about the error.
  • Any files that say “DUP” means it is a duplicate file, and will not process. You don’t need to delete this file as our system will not process duplicate files.

What does this batch error mean?

Diagnosing credit card batch file errors:

  • If your batch uploads successfully, please click on the batch file to view the contents and verify that each line item has a blue checkmark which means the transaction has been validated under the Status column.
  • If a Credit Card batch contains invalid information, there will be a red ‘X’ under the Status next to each line item. If your batch has not yet processed, you can edit the banking information within the batch on the Portal by clicking on the pen & paper icon next to the invalid line item.  

EFT/ACH batch file errors:

  • If you upload an EFT/ACH batch file, and it does not show a Debit & Credit Date, click on the file. A pop-up box will appear stating “Batch file contains no transactions. Verify file data.” This means that your batch file is not formatted correctly. You will need to edit your file and re-upload. 
  • If a batch line item is yellow, it usually means: “Warning: Duplicate transaction matching bank account.” This is just a warning, as it is in yellow. The line item will still process.
  • If the batch line is Red, it means that the batch is over your processing limit. You will need to contact Customer Care to raise your processing limit. Any batches in red will not process.
    • If your limit was increased after the scheduled credit date, the batch file will not process and will need to be re-uploaded.

Good to know:

  • If you are unsure about your batch file and if it uploaded successfully, you can call our Customer Care team to review any questions you may have. 
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