How do I see a summary of my EFT/ACH batch files?

Within the Portal, you can view a summary of your EFT and ACH batch file using the Ebp Batch Report. You will be able to see the number of transactions within each batch file and the total amount of funds each batch file contains.

Must know:

  • This report will only provide you with EFT/ACH batch files. You can view batches that contain credit card transactions under the Transaction Report.
  • You must have access to Reporting to view the Ebp Batch Report.

How do I see a summary of my EFT/ACH batch files?

  1. Within the Portal go to Reporting/Analysis > Ebp Batch Report.
  2. Edit the start and end dates at the top left hand side of the screen. 
  3. Click ‘Update.’

Good to know:

  • To view the consumer’s information within a batch you will have to look for the specific batch under Processing > Batch Processing. Click into the desired batch to view the details. 
  • Ebp stands for electronic batch processing.
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