Release Notes - Q2 2024


  • Recurring Billing API: 
    • Added Recurring Billing REST API GET method. This method allows a user to receive the next three recurring bill dates.   
  • Transaction Search API:
    • Added new fields for EMV 3DS and Card on File to the Transaction Search API report. You may request for these fields and receive a response on them.


  • Memory Management: 
    • Fixed some minor bugs and made improvements to memory management.  
    • Improved error handling and enhanced logging for risk mitigation.
  • Developer Documentation: 
    • Payments API: Summary of Response Data Types changes: 
      • POST /payments Make payment:
        • approved PaymentResponse data type changed from "integer" to "string". 
        • PaymentsAPI.png
      • GET /payments/{transId} Get Payment:
        •  approved PaymentResponse data type changed from "boolean" to "integer".
        • PaymentAPI2.png
        • Under the sub-section "CardGetTransactionResponse". The data type for field "avs_result" changed from "integer" to "string".
        • PaymentAPI3.png
    • Order Info: Added a trnOrderNumber field description following restriction "Do not include spaces."  
    • Added code to reject Fiserv reversals on Card Validation transactions ($0 PA).
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