Release Notes - Q1 2024


  • The Portal
    • PCI 4.0 Update: Added a Header and Footer setting in our Hosted Checkout form, allowing activating/deactivating of custom changes. When the setting is activated by our team, sub-merchants won't be able to modify Header and Footer sections.  
    • SEPA BACS File with Company Name column has been added. 
  • Checkout Theme
    • Added Versioning.


  • The Portal
    • Updated the menu to make text clearer to read.
    • Summary of Commission merchant statements that did not support French language have been fixed. 
    • Summary Report includes a notice that the ‘Transaction Log’ and ‘Decline Log’ are being decommissioned where the same reporting data can be viewed from the Transaction Log. Logging has been added to this report to support analytics on its usage. 
    • The Transaction Report has been updated to include a column for Authorization Code in the transaction listing. 
    • Payment Profile Service performance improvements on the duplicate card check which triggered frequent http 500 server exceptions. 
    • Improved exceptions handling, IO, virtual memory usage, web memory management.
    • The Payment API has been updated to an improved encryption method for the temporary storage of transaction data during a 3DS challenge flow.
  • Developer Portal
    • Fixed an issue with emails not sending to test account creators. 
    • APIs postman collection has been updated with 3DS v2.0 tests.
    • Corrections made in the Payment API and 3DS 2.0 Documentation.
    • Apple Pay test cards have been updated. 
  • Fiserv
    • Optimized Fiserv ISO product support. 
    • Corrected an issue in our messaging for Apple Pay transactions, that had been resulting in declines on Visa and Amex transactions.


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