Release Notes - Q4 2023


  • Fiserv V2
    • Fiserv’s new certification is available in US and Canada, along with these new features: 
      • 3DS 2.0
      • Online Refunds
      • Void Purchase/Void Returns
      • $0PA ($0 Pre-Auth)
      • $0PAC ($0 Pre-Auth Completion)


  • FlexCommissions
    • Custom Commissions has been rebranded to FlexCommissions in the developer docs, the Portal, on invoices, and in the APIs. 
  • Statement API
    • The Statement Report API now includes taxes and are returned as separate StatementFeeRecord fields for each tax on the statement. 
  • The Portal
    • Enhanced password security - Minimum password length changed from 8 to 12 characters.
    • Excel (.xls) download format is no longer available.
      • For Transaction Report and Transaction Search, the .xls download format is no longer available.
      • For loading downloaded reports into Excel, the CSV option should be selected. 
  • Discover
    • Discover BIN ranges have been updated to include some missing ranges.


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