Why am I getting logged out?

There are several reasons why you might get logged out of your account. We will cover some of the most common causes below.

Bambora has several security features in place that will help keep your account secure. Understanding these security features can help avoid or explain why you keep getting logged out of your account.

Must know:

  • These are essential security features. Bambora can not turn off or change any of these security features on your account.

Session Timeout is an important security feature that exists to make sure a session (e.g. your login) is closed when it’s no longer in use.

If you do not perform any action in the Portal for 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged out with the message “Session Timeout”.

IP Conflicts
Some merchants' network configurations may cause switching of their IP address upon logging in. This is called IP conflict (or flapping). We require a static IP address and don't support flapping from load balancing at this time. Ensure that the IP address you’re using does not switch when you log into your Portal.
Multiple workstations

There are two common reasons that you might get logged out from a “Multiple workstations” message.

  1. If you share login information with one or more people, you will be logged out when another person tries to login with the same username.
  2. If you log into the Portal in another browser tab, and you try to navigate in the previous tab, you will be logged out with the message  “Multiple workstations”.


Good to know:

  • It’s recommended that you don’t share login information with multiple people. Each person should have their own username and password to log into the Portal.
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