How should I use 3D Secure (Legacy)?

3D Secure uses Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) to provide the results from the 3D Secure authenticated transactions. You can effectively utilize 3D Secure to increase your confidence in your online processing.

How should I use 3D Secure?

1. ECI response codes can be found on the transaction details by logging into the portal and navigating to Reporting/Analysis > Transaction Report. You can review how to review the Transaction Details here.

3D Secure responses will produce one of the following ECI response codes.

ECI Response Code


ECI 05

Transaction successfully authenticated with 3D Secure.

ECI 06

Transaction was attempted to be authenticated with 3D Secure. But could not be completed.

ECI 07

3D Secure could not authenticate the transaction. 

2. It is up to you to determine the course of action for transactions that were unable to be authenticated with the respective error codes above. It may be worth reaching out to the client to confirm the credibility of the transaction.

Good to know:

  • You could see ECI 06 as a response for either the card holder or card issuer not having been enrolled into 3D Secure. 
  • There are multiple reasons for a response of ECI 07. These could include but are not limited to; 
    • The card issuer is not participating in 3D Secure.
    • Improper setup of 3D Secure. Please review the documentation on how to successfully integrate here.
  • The ECI response is also available via the API response.
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