How do I setup 3D Secure (Legacy)?

To leverage 3D Secure, you will need to implement the 3D Secure authentication process in your transaction processing.

Our RESTful API is able to accept 3D Secure authentication in two different ways. Users can implement 3D Secure using our 2-Step process, or by allowing your existing Verified by Visa, SecureCode, or SafeKey authentication processes to seamlessly integrate.

Must know:

  • Our support team must enroll you into the 3D Secure services. You can contact our support team here.      

  • Implementing 3D Secure to your current transaction flow requires some technical knowledge on browser behavior and situational programming.

How do I setup 3D Secure?

You have two options for setting up 3D Secure;

1. By using our 2-step process via our RESTful Payment API.

    • Step 1: Submit a payment request and process the first result.

      You will need to include a “term_url” variable in your transaction request for the bank to forward the Verified by Visa, SecureCode and SafeKey response to.

    • Step 2: Process the Transaction Auth Request.

      Data posted to the “term_url” from the bank response will need to be posted to our RESTful Payments API on it’s ‘continue’ endpoint. 

We would recommend reading further about this implementation on our Developer Documentation.

2. You can use your existing Verified by Visa, SecureCode, or SafeKey authentication process to send the results of the bank authentication to us through a standard transaction request.

To do this, you must integrate using a server-to-server type connection and use the following variables in the transaction request; 




The 3D Secure transaction identifier.


SecureECI is a 1-digit status code.


The 40-character cardholder authentication verification value.

You can read more about this implementation and see an example of the transaction request with these variables on our Developer Documentation.

Good to know:

Transactions authenticated with 3D Secure will appear in the Transaction Report with a golden checkmark.

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