How can I collect Payment Profile information?

One way to create a Payment Profile is to have the consumer fill in a Payment Profile Web Form. This can be set up via the Configuration menu of your account.

Must know:

  • Payment Profiles must be enabled on your account.
  • You must have Full Access to Payment Profiles to edit the Payment Profile Webform.

How can I collect Payment Profile information?

  1. Within the Portal go to Configuration > Payment Profile Webform.
  2. Secure your Payment Profile Webform. 
    • Select ‘Use hash validation on webform’ hash value 
    • Create a Hash key, this can be any eight or more characters (numbers and letters only) Example: “4m5n6ud83j5”.
    • Select either ‘MD5’ or ‘SHA-1’.
  3. Under Form Setup, select the fields you want.
  4. You can edit the CSS for the page header and page footer.
  5. Click 'Update' to save your form.
  6. Click ‘View Preview’ to see your form and to get the URL to send to consumers. 

Good to know:

  • All fields that you select must be completed by the consumer. 
  • We can not assist with the development of custom headers and footers.
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