Where do I style the Checkout form?

Checkout can be branded and styled in a number of ways that can be catered to your business needs. By default, Checkout is Bambora-branded and it is ready to use as soon as your account goes Live.

For businesses that want to maintain their branding, learning how to style Checkout is key.

Must know: 

  • Bambora does not brand/style Checkout for businesses. If you require development work to be completed, please consult with your own technical team or a third party for assistance.
  • You must have Full Access to Configuration to edit the Checkout Form.

Where can I style the Checkout form?

  1. Within the Portal, go to Configuration > Payment Form.
  2. You can edit the HTML and CSS within the “Page Header” and “Page Footer”.
  3. Click on ‘View Preview’ to see how your Checkout would appear with any adjustments you have made.
  4. Click 'Update Live' to save these changes.

Good to know: 

  • Bambora does have a very helpful guide for any developers to assist with branding and styling. Click here for more info.
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