How and why should I use 3D Secure?

No matter how hard businesses try to stop fraud when it comes to accepting payments online, perpetrators continue to find ways of getting through. Technology advances allow fraud to get more sophisticated—but that innovation is also what provides us with tools to mitigate it. 

One of these options is 3D Secure. 3D Secure is offered worldwide by major card networks like Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX, branded as Visa Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, and AMEX SafeKey. 

With a 3D Secure transaction, a customer is redirected to a bank portal to enter their secure PIN before a purchase is processed. The bank then returns an authentication response, which must be forwarded to our API for a transaction to complete. 

The additional information required by 3D Secure greatly strengthens the security of transactions processed through your portal.

Must know: 

  • In order for transactions to process using 3D Secure the consumer and their issuing bank would need to have opted into the service. 
  • Transactions processed using the 3D Secure process shifts the liability of a Chargeback from you, the business owner, onto the card issuing bank.

How and why should I use 3D Secure?

  1. Ensure that your integration is set up to support 3D Secure. If your integration does not support 3D Secure and the service gets enabled, transactions may fail. 
    • You can use our already created 2-step process, or create a custom process, to integrate 3D Secure into the way you accept payments. Please refer to our Developer Documentation for more information. 
  2. Contact our support team to enable the service on Bambora’s end. 
  3. Once the support team has confirmed this service is now available for you, please sign in to your account and enable the 3D Secure service. 
    • Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings > 3D Secure > enable verified by Visa > click ‘Update’ 

Good to know: 

  • 3D Secure can increase your approval rate through the multiple data points it sends to card issuers, which gives more information to authenticate consumers at the time of purchase. The latest version of 3D Secure also addresses the problem of false declines, when the issuer declines a legitimate transaction by mistakenly suspecting fraud.
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